what we offer


Mix One Sound is the ever-burgeoning company that has been making big noise in the SoCal concert landscape for years. We are the leading West Coast utilizer of new and innovative audio technologies to provide comprehensive sound definition for all types of concerts and events. Our well-seasoned staff intelligently assess and solve all audio challenges, allowing viability to the most demanding of locations.


Another facet of MixOne is our top-of-the-line Video department. We deliver brilliant, High-Definition LED walls of any size to accentuate and supplement any concert or corporate event. Our staff expertly interface live video and media file mixing while broadcasting live streams to produce quality projections for clients and guests alike.


Here at MixOne we pride ourselves on staying up to date on relevant technologies and popular trends. Our Lighting Department is no different. We utilize current high output/low voltage lighting instruments to maximize coverage on stage and minimize power used. These fixtures allow us to have precise, colorful, and bright lighting during sunny and rainy days out at any concert or in any private indoor event. Our skillful staff assemble provided tour support packages or can cater custom designs for customer ease.


MixOne can also contribute to any event’s staging needs. We can highlight an event or show’s design with a custom set platform or entirely source the stage of any size or shape, including roofing. Stages are professionally constructed and dismantled expeditiously and vigilantly.